Most of our product range draws inspiration from the symbolism, depth, vibrancy and exuberance of Zulu beadwork.

The beadwork is characterised by a symmetrical combination and patterning of seven core colours (black, blue, yellow, green, pink, red, white), different combinations of these colours have specific significance, nuance and meaning. The three most significant combinations are:

  • Isishunka, colour coded beadwork pattern combining seven colours (white, light blue, dark green, pale yellow, pink, red and black).
  • Isithembu, colour coded beadwork pattern combining five colours (light blue, grass green, bright yellow, red and black).
  • Umzansi, colour coded beadwork pattern combining seven of the eight colours , white, dark blue, green grass and red.
  • Isinyolovane combination, our signature launch print, is not consistent with any of the outlined colour schemes, it combines the beauty and meaning of all of the above patterns, encompassing all seven colours. This combination of colours embody positivity – our wish for you!

Isinyolovane Beadwork

Isinyolovane Beadwork

Our Custom Prints

Isinyolovane - Original
Isinyolovane - Blue
Isinyolovane - Pink
Isinyolovane - Turquoise
Isinyolovane - Yellow
Isinyolovane - Purple

About the Prints

We offer a wide range of apparel and lifestyle items which are inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of South African cultures. All our items are masterfully crafted using an infusion of plain fabrics and our signature prints. Our name, ‘eYami’, a Nguni word which means ‘mine’, is about proudly and unapologetically ‘owning your identity’, whilst allowing you the space to evolve. It is about embracing and celebrating where you come from, where you are and where you are headed.

We endeavour to give a contemporary twist to the much loved traditional designs and prints, creating a platform where modern yet traditionally conscious fashion lovers can find expression.


Our bespoke prints draw inspiration from the vibrancy and diversity of South African cultures, they are a fitting addition for the style conscious, yet culturally ‘woke’ individual.

In the development of our custom prints, we pride ourselves in the empowerment of young talented, black graphic designers in the interpretation of South African cultures and trends. The designs are rooted in South African heritage, an embodiment of style, relevance and  elegance.

Sourcing and Production

All our generic fabrics are locally (South Africa) sourced and in collaboration with leading local textile printing experts, we produce our signature eYami prints, which are characterized by artwork that infuses the vibrancy of local cultures. The unique designs are then applied to a multitude of textiles.

All our items are locally produced in our Midrand facility, end to end, our value chain is managed in South Africa.

Our Team

Nana (Co-Founder)

Zonke (Co-Founder)

NQABA (Head Designer)